Immigration Scams in UK!

No matter how the concerned authorities in their respective countries take up measures to prevent illegal immigration and crack down on unscrupulous immigration agents or consultants, as well as educational institutions, people have been into such illegal practices in every corner.

Recently, the UK Border Agency has shut down two colleges alleged with providing fake services to international students in the United Kingdom. The colleges in London and Manchester served overseas students to immigrate with the help of fake credentials and other documents required in the immigration process.

Over the recent months, the UK Border Agency identified as many as 200 such educational institutions in the nation that facilitate international students with fabricated documents to obtain UK visas and action has already been taken by the authorities. Many of the educational institutions identified with little credibility.

On one such instance, a person named Syed Ahmed, who is a former lawyer, was jailed for more than eight years since he had been engaged in illegal practices like making fake documents at Thames College in London. He is one of the 5 persons identified as running a forged college, and providing unethical immigration services in London. He was found guilty of conspiring to assist illegal immigration. Other four accompanying members of Syed are two Chinese, including his wife and two Bangladeshi nationals.

This is just one case where people are misleading immigrants. Everyday we come across many such instances where thousands of people have been misguided by so-called immigration consultants. Immoral advisors abuse the immigration systems of different countries, which is unacceptable. Countries like United Kingdom, United States and Canada have been taking measures to uncover unethical consultants. Every country should take such measures to discourage practices in relation to illegal immigration!

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