Immigration scheme Applauded “flop” in New Zealand!

New Zealand: It has been confirmed that the new scheme to lure wealthy immigrants to New Zealand is turning to be a flop show as it is proving a lot more difficult to attract wealthy immigrants to retire to the land of Kiwis.

As far as the statistics are concerned, it has been proved that the new scheme implemented in the month of March has only managed to lure 12 applicants. This in itself is a disappointing figure to portray.

The Labour has confirmed that the new scheme has turned out to be a huge flop. As far as this scheme was concerned, it was launched to bring economical favors to the country. It was meant for the enhancement of the land of Kiwis but with only 12 people attracted towards this scheme, you don’t have much to get! The same has been confirmed by Labour’s Immigration spokes person Pete Hodgson.

But when the reaction of government is seen, it seems they are pleased with the figures. ,” Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman has stated that the starting has been encouraging and it is much head of what the previous government achieved.

But the Labour has confirmed that this scheme has not worked till now. In addition, the government ahs also said that the conditions would be made tougher and tougher in the upcoming times.

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