124 Nigerians Deported by UK!

A total of 124 Nigerians witnessed deportation from UK after they have been accused of showing cloudy travel documents. They arrived at Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos and included 52 females, 62 males in number while 10 were children.

The deportees arrived through a chartered aircraft which was having a registration number PVT009. A source at the immigration office has confirmed that the deportation has been done courtesy the immigration related issues. The source provided all this information on the condition to keep his identity anonymous.

If reports are to be believed, millions and millions of Nigerians are residing in the United Kingdom. A majority of them stay in Southern London. A lot of aspects are said to have

Now these concerned deportees have refused to state anything with respect to the overall incident. Reports say that they have now left the cargo shed after they were succumbed to a strict screening from the immigration officials.

It is not the first time when Nigerians have been deported by the United Kingdom. A similar incident happened in March when 585 Nigerians who consisted of 59 males, 15 females as well as 11 kids were ordered deportation from the UK. They also arrived in a chartered plane which was having a registration number GCO-RJD.

Prospective immigrants are advised to take legal assistance from an Immigration and visa expert to avoid such immigration related deportations.

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