Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program- Business Immigration!

Businessmen/entrepreneurs who intend to set a business or have plan to invest in existing Manitoba business (es) are allowed by the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program to immigrate to Manitoba and thereby obtain the Canadian permanent residency. To eligible for business nominee under the MPNP, a business person must have visited Manitoba previously. He/she must have the intention to set up a business in the province before applying for the Business Immigration of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Below are a few requirements:

  • A business nominee applicant must have personal wealth of at least 350,000 dollars (Canadian dollar).
  • He/she must make equity investment of at least 150,000 dollars (Canadian dollar) in the province of Manitoba.
  • He/she must have at least three years of experience in doing business. Else, the applicant must have good amount of experience in working in the senior management of a reputed company.
  • The applicant must deposit 75,000 dollars (Canadian dollar) to the Manitoba Government, which guarantees the established of the proposed business in the province. The amount is refundable, which is returned once the applicant materializes the proposed business.
  • The nominee applicant must have visited Manitoba in order to gauge its business opportunities before applying for the MPNP.

Besides, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program requires the applicants to have the intention to take active part in the management and operation of the proposed business in Manitoba. For your information, when an applicant does not promise managing responsibilities in the proposed business, the later is considered a passive investment scheme, therefore, in such a case, the applicant is not considered eligible for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

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