Immigration through Job Offer

Immigration through Job Offer — Top Options

Every day, 100s of 1000s people immigrate, mainly in search of better livelihood opportunities or to pursue higher degree. Today, many countries are recognized as the top notch immigration destinations. Some of the nations that have won the crown of top notch immigration destinations are the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada and most of the time people want immigration through job offer.

immigration through job offer

However, moving to these destinations is not only difficult but also complex and the visa process rather lengthy. Some of the countries have most stringent immigration rules and regulations. Mainly it is skilled workers and students who are eager to make a move.

Each applicant has to go through the stringent immigration procedure. But, if you have a prior job offer the complete immigration procedure becomes rather smooth and error free, since immigration through job offer is much easy and hassle-free and provides you an easy opportunity to immigrate to the desired country.

Let’s have a look on some of the available options where you can get immigration through job offer !

The United States of America

L1 Visa: It is a short term visa, with the possibility of further extension. Employees of the international companies with offices both in the country and abroad are eligible to apply. Using the same, foreign workers can join the corporate office in US provided they have the experience of working for the company abroad for at least one year during the last three years. Besides, there are other options as well such as the L2 Visa. It is very much similar to L1 visa and H1 B Visa.


Express Entry: If you have a job offer, your chances of getting a Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) are extremely high as you are likely to earn 600 points extra for a job offer from a Canadian employer. Besides, these, there are many other options also such as you may apply for the Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs) or the Quebec skilled Worker Programme (QSWP).


Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa (subclass 187): It is a permanent category and requires a job offer in Australian Regional Area. You can apply using one of the following streams, i.e., the Agreement stream, the Temporary Residence Transition Stream, and Direct Entry Stream.

Besides you may choose from numerous other options that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has introduced to meet the demand of skilled workers.


Tier 2: Applicants who have a job offer from a licensed UK employer may apply for the same provided the employer proves that the need of a foreign employee is genuine and the vacant position cannot be filled by a local resident. To apply, there are four main categories–skilled worker, intra company transferee, sports people and minister of religion. There are several other visa job sponsored visa categories that an applicant may use to immigrate to the UK.

Immigration through job offer is an ideal option for immigration. A job offer does not only reduce your worries and simplifies it also make the immigration journey smooth for you. For further information on the same, check with an Immigration Consultant.

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