Immigration to Canada for Real Estate Managers Lifetime Opportunity

Have you ever thought that the prospects for the professional Real Estate Managers in Canada could be very bright? If no, it is high time you learnt this. In fact, immigration to Canada for Real Estate managers is a lifetime opportunity. Some recent developments have remarkably increased the demand of these experts across many provinces and territories of the Maple Leaf Country.

To cater to the growing needs for these professionals, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has introduced various easy-to-follow visa and immigration programs, to attract the best cream from round the globe. To avail the professional services of these experts, lots of benefits are offered in return to the deserving people.
Work Profile

Among others these in-demand experts build-up, supervise, execute, and examine the activities of various departments and/or establish procedures that proffer mortgage, real estate, insurance, not to mention investment services.

Generally, they are responsible for business development, and make certain that their group reaches performance levels related to established objectives. Usually, the services of the above said professionals are availed by various insurance and real estate companies, along with different kind of brokers, like stockbrokers, mortgage brokers, etc.

Canada has one of the strongest economies, and with time it is likely to grow further. As a result, the investment market will become strong, as both national and international investors are likely to make handsome investments in real estate, in the process, opening the avenues for Real Estate Managers to give their valuable professional advice.

Occupational Titles

  • branch manager, real estate
  • district manager, real estate sales
  • district sales manager, real estate
  • real estate branch manager
  • real estate developer
  • real estate national sales manager
  • real estate office manager
  • real estate sales district manager
  • real estate sales manager
  • real estate sales managing director
  • real estate service manager

Key Employment Requirements

A graduate/post graduate or a diploma in Business Administration, Economics, or any other related field is usually required, along with years of experience in the relevant field.

Qualified aspirants can move to the country, and exploit their skills to reach the dizzying heights of their professional glory, through many simple and hassle-free visa classes offered by the many Canadian provinces and territories. Some of them are being mentioned here under:

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (Alberta PNP): It is an economic provincial immigration program operated by the Government of Alberta with the Government of Canada’s CIC. The program aims to support Alberta’s economic growth, by attracting and retaining qualified immigrants to the province. Eligible applicants, nominated by the Government of Alberta, along with their family members, can file a petition for Permanent Residence (PR), through CIC as a Provincial Nominee. The CIC takes the final decisions on all Provincial Nominee permanent resident petitions.

Federal Skilled worker program (FSWP): It is a key avenue to permanent immigration. The applicants are selected on the basis on a point based system that helps to assess the candidate’s overall capacity to adapt to the nation’s labor market.

Canada Prince Edward Island Business Provincial Program: It is a Federal Provincial partnership between the Province of Prince Edward Island and the Government of Canada, represented by the CIC. It enables the Province of Prince Edward Island to nominate potential applicants to the CIC for Permanent Residency, and cater to the growing needs of Real Estate Managers.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program: Immigrants, especially Real Estate Managers, immigrating to Ontario are a valuable source of skilled labor. The program helps to connect the suitable employer and employees having difficulty in finding each others. It is an immigration scheme through which Ontario nominates qualified individuals and their immediate family members to permanently settle in the province based on a pre-approved job offer in the province.

It is likely that the aspirants who have submitted their applications for Canada immigration may have to cool their heels for some time before the final decision is delivered. However, they need to be patient.

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