Immigration to have Dire Consequences!

Being an island continent, Australia is considered to be large to accommodate as many immigrants as possible. But then people forget that it is also the smallest continent. It is a known fact that many immigrants from various developing nations across the world view Australia as a prospective destination to seek better opportunities for life.

However, no matter how big or small each nation is, it can only sustain a certain number of people. If the limits are extended, it would have a dire effect on the resources of the nation. This aspect has led to the Australians worry about the issue with most of them now opposing immigration.

As per one of the recent surveys conducted to obtain the viewpoints of the local Australians on this issue, it was seen that major part of the respondents agreed to put a cap on immigration. This survey was conducted by an independent survey firm known as AustraliaScan. The survey has two thousand respondents. As per the survey, the response could be considered as being almost equivalent to sentiments pertaining to anti-immigration which was prevalent in the late 1990s.

At same time, experts claim that these sentiments are not similar to those of the 1990s. The previous sentiments were based on racist feelings. However, at present the responses have arrived due to the issues of sustainability of the nation.

This is because despite being an island continent, it has only limited number of resources at its disposal. With the population constantly on the rise, these limited resources would be depleted too soon. As of now, the main trigger behind this sudden increase is definitely immigration.

On the other hand, with population comes pollution. This would have dire effects on the environment which cannot be compromised at any cost. It is but obvious that with pollution would lead to the generation of toxins which would make the land not fit to dwell on.

Another aspect of high importance amongst the citizen of Australia is the issue of security. It is a known fact that global terrorism is a major threat that the world is dealing with today. With this comes international crime. Keeping this aspect in place, immigration would mean simply inviting more trouble. Putting a cap on immigration would to an extent cater to this problem.

With the above key points in place, it cannot be said that the issue would be solved in the near future. As of now, the Australian government has brought about certain amends which has restricted the course of prospective immigrants.

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