Sri Lankan Tamils appealing for Rejection of Asylum!

Australia: Two Sri Lankans have requested to the Australian High Court to have a second thought for their asylum status. The concerned members of the Tamil ethnic group had their detention in the year 2009. They were kept at Christmas Island, a detention center where boat people intending to enter the country are kept.

The case got complicated as their case was assessed by an officer from an Immigration department before asylum was rejected. Further the decision was upheld by a Federal government contractor who was working at Christmas Island. Therefore, they (applauded as M61 and M69) were deported back to Sri Lanka.

Now these Sri Lankans are requesting a lack of procedural fairness. It is due to the fact that their case was not given personal attention by the Immigration Minister. It is said that applicants who have been denied the refugee status have the freedom to file their appeals to the Immigration minister. But the final decision would be left to the Immigration minister. Contrary to that, boat people are not given the right to appeal in front of the minister.

Now these concerned people fear persecution from the Sri Lankan army, as well as other groups in paramilitary field as well as government agents. Various people in Sydney are showing their support in their case. Sending them back to their home countries means their lives would face all kinds of dangers there.

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