New Zealand Immigration Officials Alleged of Misconduct!

About 34 Immigration officials from New Zealand deployed locally as well as overseas have been accused of fraud and corruption and are under investigation for wrongful conduct. This has come about after the termination of seven immigration officials this year. Of these, three of the officials were involved in the processing of the visas.

According to Jonathan Coleman, the Immigration Minister for New Zealand, about 32 allegations are being investigations by the department. These investigations are looking into the conduct and performance of the immigration staff. With this, two new allegations have come to surface.

Of the above, about 18 allegations are associated with the officials deployed in New Zealand. Another 16 of the staff members who are alleged to be involved are stationed at the branch offices abroad.

In the last one year, about sixty allegations pertaining to corruption, dishonesty and fraud have been charged on immigration officials. Of these, 10 allegations were confirmed where as another twenty seven were not proved. The rest twenty three are still under the process of investigation. Of the seven officials who were sacked on charges of misconduct, six were based in New Zealand while one of officials was in New Delhi.

As per Nigel Bickle, the spokesman for Immigration New Zealand, most of the cases here pertained to a conflict of interest along with the non-disclosure of interests when it came to the applications of friends and family. It requires a lot of work in order to clear and bring about clear standards of behavior and conduct.

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