Immigration to Yukon Canada – A Very Good Choice

The concept of Immigration to Yukon Canada is fast gaining popularity across the world. Through the Yukon Nominee Programme (YNP), it is possible to become a permanent resident in the Maple Leaf Country and enjoy almost all the benefits that greet the nation’s residents.

Immigration to Yukon Canada

Yukon—A Brief Introduction

Yukon located in the Western Canada is one of the smallest Canadian territories and very popular for its friendly and safe environment. It is populated rather sparsely, with a population of around just 35, 000 inhabitants. Whitehorse is its territorial capital. The majority of the territory’s population is settled in an around Whitehorse. It is an ideal place for those in love with outdoor activities and who value strong community ties.

The territory offers a different way of life and numerous rewarding career opportunities. The territory highly values the skills and experience of the newcomers, and welcomes the immigrants with arms wide open. On their arrival, complete assistance is provided to them so that they can easily feel at home away from home.

Immigration to Yukon Canada

If you wish to immigrate to Yukon, then use the Yukon Nominee Programme (YNP). It is basically a Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP), and using it the prospective immigrants with the right skills, education and experience required in the territory can a Yukon Provincial Nomination Certificate and move to the territory. The certificate speeds up the application process and the applicants can easily apply for the Canadian Permanent Residence (PR).

Yukon PNP Business Programmes

The YNP includes following streams:

  1. Business Nominee: The scheme is designed for the experienced business people, with a business plan either to start a new business venture, manage/associate in an existing one in the territory. The applicant is also required to make an investment in a local based venture.
  2. Yukon Express Entry (YEE): The applicants who are entitled to gain admission into the federal Express Entry pool and are keen to live and reside in the territory may submit an application to the YEE. The territory made an Express Entry category a part of its existing immigration schemes in the month of March 2015. The category enables the territory to nominate those who are already in the Express Entry Pool of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC),  and who are armed with the required education, skilled work know-how, language skills, and other factors to aid them settle fruitfully and integrate into the territory’s labour market and societies. Employers unable to recruit the right talent for the vacant jobs in the territory can easily select skilled workers using the Express Entry Pool. It is fast emerging as the most reliable source for recruiting the right applicants.
  3. Critical Impact Worker: The programme was introduced to meet the growing demand of the semi-skilled or unskilled workers. Considering the demand of the local labor market, the recruiters can sponsor semi-skilled or unskilled workers having some experience. At the time of submitting the application, the aspirants must have a valid job offer. However, it is not mandatory to be physically present in Yukon.
  4. Skilled Worker: Those who have obtained a full-time permanent employment offer in a skilled line-of-work from a recruiter/firm in the territory can make the grade for the plan in case they have the necessary qualifications for the opening (language expertise, and employment experience) and have the fitting license and/or accreditation needed. To put it differently, the recruiters/firms can sponsor experienced skilled workers, provided they are the practicing professionals in any one of the occupation mentioned on the National Occupational Classification (NOC) with a skill level of o, A, or B in a chosen line-of-work.

The two streams under the YNP, i.e., the Critical Impact Workers and Skilled Workers are based on the particular needs of the territorial employers.

The YNP is managed by the Yukon Government along with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on the basis of the ‘agreement for Canada – Yukon Cooperation on Immigration’. Consequently, Yukon has the right to independently nominate the potential candidates who later qualify for the prized PR Visa.

When employers in the territory fail to find the right candidates for the different openings, the requirement is posted abroad for hiring foreign workers. Well trained and experienced workers, with the right skills and attitude to settle in the labor market, are nominated for the PR to the IRCC.

Summing up, since the idea of Immigration to Yukon Canada is an exceedingly good option, go for it! Use any of the schemes mentioned above to get what you want Permanent Residency in the hotspot.

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