Nova Scotia for Global Investors — a Wonderful Destination

Discover How Nova Scotia for Global Investors is a Wonderful Destination

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia for Global Investors is a wonderful destination . Yes, it is a fact and it is not any secret anymore for most determined and ambitious international businessmen and investors!

Nova Scotia for Global Investors

The second-smallest province of the nation–next to the Prince Edward Island (PEI)–Nova Scotia finds itself excellently situated on the country’s southeastern coast.

Against the backdrop of its closeness to the Atlantic Ocean, the sea principally impacts the province’s economy, even while its different harbours have excellently served as military bases through numerous battles & conflicts.

Lately, the province has emerged as the focal point for the entrepreneurial ventures/missions. As these ventures/missions develop and begin to produce positive cash flow, they could either need growth capital, or make efforts to swell into new markets. And this remarkable pool of entrepreneurs and the ventures/missions they create may provide a unique chance to the investors.

Having said this, the province is battling against the rest of the world in the matters of drawing investment. Apart from the strong businesses, the province also requires to provide attractive enticements that will draw investors.

The good news is that Nova Scotia is already doing everything possible to promote itself as an excellent destination for the global investors and businessmen.

Advantages of Nova Scotia for Global Investors

Now let’s find out what the province is doing and what one gains here!

The province offers several advantages to the investors and businessmen. It is more than a perfect North American place for numerous types of world-leading edge firms/organizations. The province offers highly viable advantages for the go-getting exporters and investors even as it boasts of one of the most diverse economies in the entire Maple Leaf Country. The region is building the power and capability in leading fields that are powering international innovation.

When one moves to the region, he makes a decision to do business in a province 100% devoted to his growth and success. As per the KMPG’s Competitive Alternatives 2016 Report, the province provides some of the lowest costs for facility leases, utilities and for income and salaries, vis-à-vis most other competitors in North America & Europe.

From Nova Scotia, it is possible to do business with the regions of Western Europe and across North America on the same work day, in the process, saving one’s precious money and making it simpler to do business. In the province the R&D tax credits reach as high as 35%.

Bay of Fundy Powering Growth

Significantly, the Bay of Fundy moves more than 160 billion tonnes of water each tide, and this is over and above all the freshwater rivers & streams found in the world pooled. It presents a chance for enormous power generating potential. The bay is located on the Atlantic coast of the North American continent, between Nova Scotia & New Brunswick.


The province has as many as 10 universities and 13 community college campuses. The capital city Halifax has the most impressive ratio of educational capabilities to population in the whole North American continent. During 2014-2015, 7,496 global students were drawn to the different universities of Nova Scotia. What’s more: 1 in 3 people in the capital city, above the age of 25, possess a university degree.

Amazing Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream

The global investors can use this wonderful visa and immigration category. It is basically meant for the experienced business owners or high-ranking business executives, who wish to stay in the province. It is compulsory that they launch a fresh firm or venture, or purchase an existing one, and aggressively take part in the everyday running and supervision of the same. In the aftermath of doing so, for a period of 1 year, the entrepreneur could get nomination for the valued Permanent Resident (PR) standing. One can submit an application to the class ONLY by invitation.

Eligibility Criteria for Nova Scotia for Global Investors

With a view to successfully submit an application to the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration (NSOI), under the said steam, it is mandatory that the applicant:

  1. Is either 21 years old, or more than this. He must show a keen wish to reside permanently in the region while possessing and dynamically running a Nova Scotia firm.
  2. Must possess a net value of not less than 600,000 Canadian Dollars.
  3. Must be in a position to invest a minimum of 150,000 Canadian Dollars of his personal funds, to set-up a company in the province.
  4. Must be armed with not less than 3 years of germane experience, keenly supervising and possessing a firm (not less than 1/3 title) OR more than 5 years of relevant experience in a high-ranking business management situation.
  5. Must possess a total of not less than 5 on the established Language Benchmark of the nation in these, namely, speaking, listening, reading & writing in either of these, viz., English or French.
  6. Must fruitfully complete what is called an online Expression of Interest (EoI).
  7. Must get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from the concerned body, the NSOI.

How to Submit Application in Nova Scotia for Global Investors

To begin with, the aspirant must complete the EoI. And in case he is sent an invite to apply, he must complete the application form and not forget to mention every required fact and attach every sought attachment.

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