Know About Importance of Schengen Visa for European Countries

Schengen treaty formerly called Schengen accord has been entered between different member most of state members of European Union along with some non EU Countries like Norway and Iceland. This treaty holds special Importance for all European nations and visitors of other parts of world. After signing this treaty all the states have decided to provide an unrestricted access to people within area of Schengen zone. There is special Visa arrangement for the immigrants wishing to enter Europe.

Incorporation of this treaty understanding has actually resulted removal of border control between boundaries of 25 members states (22 EU and 3 non EU countries) along with reduction of beaurocratic hurdles in trade and travel. This zone has been designed as symbol of Europe’s political and boundary unification and aims to present unified travel facilitation to citizens of member states and any other visitor entering zone similar to domestic travel in various options such as air travel, rail links and road travel. It must be noted that Britain and Ireland are not members to this arrangement.

With the adoption of this visa regime the authorities and ratifying members have tried to create an integrated database, unified visa issuance eligibility parameters and procedures. Visa stamping is also similar for all states that helps optimize the security aspects. This system has made the life and traveling of EU and Schengen country citizens quite easy and there a this gives them right to be in a member country without needing entry permission  for  that nation.

If you are granted Schengen Visa, you will have an unrestricted and hassle free travel permission to travel through the expanse of Europe on a single document without having to procure visa for each individual nation. This can prove be immensely advantageous for the travelers who are intending to travel through various countries in a single trip.

This entry permission is a specifically a visitor visa, which is issued to the nationals of countries requiring visa to enter Europe and permits you to be in Schengen area for a period of 90 days in total within a tenure of 180 days. This visa permits you multiple entries.

Purpose deemed to be qualified for granting this permit is travel, tourism and business. You are not although allowed to gain employment in any country on basis of this arrangement.

There are different Schengen Visa types issued to suit different purposes. Type A visa is issued to transit travelers for entry into Schengen zone airports who are getting connecting flights. Type B visa is again for transit passengers traveling by road and extends upto 5 days. Type C visa can be primarily a short stay or a circulation visa with different validity periods depending on purposes and type D is for long stays extending beyond 3 months.

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