Australia Permanent Resident Visa

Australia is definitely a favourite destination for those who wants to live a better life style and also for those who wants to like greenery.  If you are skilled and you want to live in Australia permanently then you should apply for Australia permanent resident visa for Skilled Migrant.

Australia permanent resident visa for Skilled Migrant can be classified in to 5 categories:-

  1. Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175)
  2. Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176)
  3. Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885)
  4. Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) visa (subclass 886)
  5. Skilled – Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887)

If you are applying for permanent resident visa from somewhere outside Australia then subclass 175 and 176 are your options and if you are already in Australia via some kind of visa then subclass 885, 886 and 887 can be your options.

Subclass 175

To apply under this category, applicant needs to have good English language skills and must be qualified for an occupation required in Australia. Under subclass 175, applicants don’t need to be sponsored. An applicant also gets the opportunity to bring a secondary applicant along with himself or herself.

Subclass 176

To apply under this visa category you should have good English language proficiency and qualifications in a profession listed on the Skilled Occupation List. Applicant need to score appropriate marks in a point test under this category. He/ she also need to get sponsored by a relative living in Australia or from suitable state or territory government agency.

Subclasses 885, 886 and 887 are for applicants living outside Australia and willing to work and live in Australia permanently.

Under subclass 885 applicants don’t need to be sponsored but they need to qualify points test.

Under subclass 886 applicants need to be sponsored by an eligible relative or suitable state or territory state agency.

Subclass 887 is for those who have lived for not less than 24 months in a particular regional area in Australia and worked there for at least one year.

Australia permanent resident visa for skilled migrant provides an opportunity to those who are qualified in one or the other profession mentioned on the skilled occupation list created by Australian immigration agency. It is easy to get migrated to Australia and live a good life. In case of any issue one can always contact authenticated immigration consultant.

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