How about Renewal of a Permanent Residence Card with CIC?

With the permanent resident status of Canada, there are a number of rights and privileges that an eligible candidate enjoys in this country, which are almost similar to those enjoyed by the citizens of this nation. Some of these rights can be listed as below:

– Right to equal treatment and protection.
– Access to a number of legal rights, like: to be considered as innocent until proved guilty.
– Can have a courtroom interpreter, if it becomes essential to have a legal representative.
– Right to come and go out of Canada, plus right to travel freely from one province to another within the country.
– Right to study and work anywhere within the nation (however, a PR holder cannot apply for a number of government positions with higher-security concerns)

Though most of these policies are also applicable to the temporary residents of Canada, there are a number of social service benefits which are basically designed to provide necessary help to the PR holders and citizens of this Maple Country.

Canadian permanent residence cards are valid for the duration of 5 years, after this period, they get expired and if you wish to travel outside of country during this period, you will have to renew your Canada PR card. To do so, you have to:

  • Prepare a PR renewal application to be submitted to the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). While filling out this application, you can’t leave it incomplete or without accurate information. Incomplete applications are mostly rejected and thus, may lead to denial of your PR renewal. There are certain important information that you have to provide while filling out the application, such as: history of employment, address and information related to travel outside the nation. All these are the determining factors whether you are capable of meeting the Canada PR requirements.
  • Once submission of your application is done, you have to wait till the application gets processed. The processing of PR renewal application may take weeks or months time. Hence, you should apply for PR renewal immediately after your card gets expired. The CIC gives advice to the PR holders to apply for renewal of Canada PR not less than 2 months prior to the current card expiry date.
  • In case, you meet the requirements for residency and everything goes in order, you will soon be provided with a letter, which will inform you about the place from where you can take up the new PR card. Typically you will have 180 days to do that.

However, there are a number of reasons which can lead to denial of your PR card renewal, such as:

  • Unable to meet the requirements for residency
  • Inadequate documents to support the PR card application.

If, due to any of these reasons, your PR card renewal application is rejected, then also there are a number of options to go for it. For instance: you can have your application re-processed by providing with the all the necessary documents or you can make a formal request for exemption under compassionate and humanitarian grounds.

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