Independent Committee for Australian Immigration!

Australia has been a lot into controversy these days. This has been added to by Tim Flannery who was voted as the Australian of the year for 2007. He feels that the country should have a separate committee to implement and evaluate all immigration policies.

According to Mr. Flannery, the Australian government is using immigration as a mode of economic growth of the country. He feels that with the current rise in the country’s population, nothing concrete is being done apart from extending boundaries. With this, immigration is adding to the crowd. This would affect the environment and its resources sooner or later.

With this, the recent refugee boats caught on way to Australia along with the policy of non – refundable fee has been greatly criticized by many. With this is the priority processing for the state sponsored visas. These policies have been opposed by one and all.

He also feels that to bring the interest of the country to justice, a totally separate body which is not interfered by the government has to be created. This committee should be made responsible for all aspects related to immigration.

If you are one of those planning to immigrate, it is highly suggested that you plan and take a decision accordingly. A visa and immigration consultant would be an apt guide.

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