India Backs on New Visa Scheme

In an attempt to attract new tourists and enhance Indian tourism, Indian has come out with new measures to allure tourists from all over the world.

The attempt has led to the outcome of a visa-on-arrival scheme, which would make sure those nationals from countries including Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Singapore would qualify to get a tourist visa valid for 30 days.

Stats show that India has experienced a decline of overseas tourists since the last two years. Tourism Ministry representative Sujit Banerjee confirmed that the last year was bad but this year is decked with some huge promises.

The scheme came into action from January 1 onwards. Since then, it has accelerated the quantity of overseas visitors by a huge margin, especially seen in the month of January and February, confirmed Banerjee. Therefore, it is clear that the scheme would play a crucial role in enhancing the tourism further, in addition to increasing the flock of tourists in the upcoming future.

Banerjee also confirmed the boosting of Japanese visitors who are expected to reach the figure of 200,000, contrary to 160,000 which was recorded last year!

The scheme is a part of one year experiment. Also, India has boosted its “Incredible India” campaign, in an attempt to accelerate the tourism from Chinese visitors as well.

With so much happening in the tourism market, India is surely on the right track of becoming one of the hottest travel destinations from people from all over the globe, in addition with Commonwealth coming into action, the job opportunities are expected to double its actual size.

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