UK: New Bond System for Students

Bristol: Conservative Party in Britain recently confirmed that it will come out with a bond system for students, especially coming from Indian and other non-EU nations who are intending to study in the UK.

It has been speculated that the win for conservative party would ensure that students from the mentioned nations would be required to furnish a bond before they enroll themselves in British institutions, confirmed Damian Green, the shadow minister immigration.

He went on to say that the immigration system of the country is one of the biggest loopholes as it allows illegal immigrants to come inside the premises. Therefore, it is expected to notice some major amendments in the UK immigration system sooner or later. He said that we are eager to have authentic students and want a fair immigration system.

The country would soon introduce the bond system for overseas immigrants who will be given the bond amount back once they complete their course and return to their country of origin. He also said that there are major concerns about Immigration and they would further ensure that the immigration level returns back to the level of 1980s and 1990s.

Conservative government would come out with stringent actions and would put an annual cap on the quantity of people intending to come to the country. His visit to Gurudwara is seen as an attempt to win Asian votes and hence increasing the support in a major way.

Till any official announcement, let us wait for the announcements.

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