Amends in Canadian Immigration Rules

The Canadian government is amending its rules for immigration that is for those applying for a Canadian visa. These alterations could easily be sub divided into two categories. These include amends being brought about in the occupations in demand list as well as having proficiency in English language being another key criterion.

Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada has announced on 16th March 2010 that an evaluation on the current laws pertaining to immigration would be done. The main objective behind this is to boost the influx of migrants who could contribute to the economic needs of the nation.

The key change is expected to be done for the Federal Skilled Worker Program in it’s in – demand occupations list. This list was brought about in 2008 and has 38 occupations as of now. The changes that are to be brought about in this list are expected to be implemented from 1st May 2010. However, a formal announcement regarding the date is yet to be made. As per Citizenship and Immigration Canada, this list has greatly helped in bringing down the backlog of applications by nearly 48%.

Another key amendment which was implemented from 10th April elaborates strong skills in English or French language. While submitting their application, it is expected from a candidate to submit documents proving that they have taken a written test for the same. More so, they should qualify as being proficient in the same. This would result in the applicant gaining points for the same at the initial stages itself.

Additionally, an applicant would not be able to reappear for the test at a later stage, if by chance they fail. Thus, it is better that all non – English or French speaking applicants get their score reports and then apply for immigration.

However, no clear amendments have been laid with regards to the in – demand occupations list. It is being speculated that modifications would be brought about with key reference to the current requirements.

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