UK Failing to Provide Services Due to Uncontrolled Immigration!

It is apparent from recent reports that the UK is much worried about the uncontrollable immigration. While the General Elections for 2010 is expected to be held in May, the nation is struggling to manage the uncontrollable flow of migrants, which eventually giving a hard time to the government in providing the regular services to its population.

Peterborough is one of those cities in Britain, which experienced large flow of migrants over the years. The Councilors of the city’s council said that the city has been unable to provide sufficient services like health care, law and housing to its residents. The increase in number of migrants is eventually deteriorating the city’s image, as the crime rate is growing of late. The councilors were recently caught saying that the situation is getting worse by each day. They have even written about the problem to the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and other two party leaders.

Reportedly, migrants account for over two thirds of the Peterborough’s total population growth. The population growth triggered by immigration is apparent in every aspect. Schools are also finding it difficult to provide education to the rising number of pupils. However, the authorities are more concerned about the aspect of crime. The city has seen a sharp rise in the percentage of crimes like robbery, theft and smuggling over the recent years. Besides, more and more people are now engaged in prostitution and drug dealing. People have also been breaking the law by driving without paying road taxes.

Serious problems like uncontrollable immigration may have an adverse effect on the current government at the General Elections 2010. Leaders of opponent parties have to say that the present UK government is not giving enough efforts to address these problems.

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