Indian Arrested at Houston to be Detained for Longer!

Vijay Kumar, an Indian who was arrested and detained in Houston for having Jihadi literature along with brass knuckles set has been quite disturbing, as per his lawyer, Grant Scheiner. The attorney has been worried about that his client might be detained for months together before he could be presented for a trial in front of a judge. Mr. Scheiner said that he does not want to blame the FBI for responding in such a way. But instead, he wants them to link the spots in this case.

Kumar is a documentary filmmaker by profession. He stopped by in the US on his way to Canada was found and caught at the airport. It is said that the authorities found him sweating and fidgeting while standing in the security line. To this, Mr. Scheiner said that the weather in Houston has been quite hot lately which is makes it quite surprising to why Kumar would not sweat. He said that he has no clue why the federal officials intervened especially when Kumar was not on the FBI list neither he was on the list of no-fly.

As of now, there does not seem any form of guarantee on the number of days that Kumar would be detained. With this, there seem to be no chances that the judge in immigration court would let him go soon even after being released on bail. Even if has been granted freedom, he would not be permitted to leave the country since he had to submit his passport. Since such trials often take months to conclude, he would have to live in the nation for a longer duration. At the same time, he does not know anyone in the nation.

When arrested, Kumar reaction was confusion and concern at the same time because he is not very fluent in English. However, he speaks good Hindi. Above all, if Kumar is innocent, some of the precious days of his life would have been wasted for a trial which would turn out to be completely worthless. Agreed that with the rise of terrorism; it is vital to bring about measures so as to protect the borders of the country! At the same time, it has to be ensured that innocent people are not the victims of this measure while the culprits drive away.

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