Have Indian Driving License & Wish To Drive Overseas? Check These 8 Nations Where You Can Do It

Driving gives a lot of joy to many, rightfully so. You feel at peace with yourself and the world, even as road trips are frequently regarded to be the solution to stress, exhaustion, and even a not-too-good day or stage at the workplace. And when you are taking a trip overseas, it may be rather awesome to drive on the streets, and under the laws, which may not be similar to those in your own nation.


This could be an altogether different matter though that majority of the nations do not permit you to drive carrying an Indian license. Against this backdrop, in case you conjure taking out your vehicle out on the global roads–and particularly in case you are about to shift to a nation for a period of time–it is essential for you to be familiar with the different destinations which will let you drive with an Indian Driving License.

Here below you will find eight nations where you can drive with your Indian Driving License, of course, if you cater to some other conditions! Interestingly, in all these five places, you have to drive on the right side of the road.


As long as you are just visiting, you are allowed to drive on your Indian licence, but it should be in English. You are also required to carry an IDP.


Let’s start with the culture rich and the very hot European destination of France. As mentioned before, it drives on the right side of the street. Bring along a translated copy of your Driving License with you even while you may drive for an utmost of 1 year exploring the various ‘gems’ of this amazing destination.



Like France, here also you will have to drive on the right side of the street even as it is mandatory that you possess a copy of your license duly translated in the local language. However, unlike France, Germany will allow you to drive, with an Indian license, for a period of just six months, post your entrance.

The US

Like France and Germany, the US also drives on the right side of the street. Though it is possible for you to drive around for a period of 1 year, you will require an I–94 Form. It is also compulsory that you possess an English language license, and you get the International Driving Permit.


As it is too well known, this picture-perfect hotspot is home to some of the most picturesque roads passing through eye-catching landscapes. And as said before, it drives on the right side of the street. You will require an English language license, and it will fetch you a driving permit valid for a period of 1 year.


In this beautiful Gulf Country, an English language license—together with an International Driving Permit—will enable you to drive for a period of 1 year. And yes, this country also drives on the right side of the road!

United Kingdom

You are allowed to drive anywhere in Great Britain up to a period of one year on a valid driving licence issued by Government of India.

New Zealand

The small country in the Pacific is full of great driving roads and lets visitors drive for a year on their home country’s driving licence. You are also restricted to the kind of vehicle that your licence is valid for.

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