What Makes Yukon So Attractive For Global Investors?

Yukon for Global Investors

Yukon, Canada with a very robust economy and lower crime rates, not only attracts migrants on various grounds, but also motivates the global investors and businessmen from across the globe, to make rewarding investments in the area.

It is the smallest territory out of 3 Canadian territories. The territory is inhabited by 35,000 residents, and Whitehorse is the capital and also the only city of the territory.

Yukon Global Investors
Yukon for Global Investors

What Motivates the Global Investors?

Yukon is meant for the pushy global investors and businessmen. Numerous factors inspire the investor-applicants from across the globe to invest in the Yukon. Let’s take a look at some of them!

  1. Mining industry–The economy of the Yukon is governed by its mining industry. All necessary measures are adopted in promoting its mineral wealth in the various markets of the world. In an effort to attract the global investors, there are many financial incentives that are provided to the investors and the mining industry.
  2. Small venture–Yukon has around 3000 small enterprises that make available endless investment opportunities to the worldwide investors. Depending on the contribution, an applicant can easily invest in the territory.
  3. Excellent connectivity–While establishing a business or making an investment, what bothers the applicant most is the connectivity to the region. Here, Yukon stands high with its excellent connectivity with roads and robust airport system.
  4. High speed internet connection–To remain connected with the territory and hassle-free execution of the investments or business, internet connectivity lays the major role. With high speed access Yukon becomes the first choice amongst the global investors.
  5. Strength of economic pillars–Tourism and mining are the two major pillars on which the Yukon economy resides. This provides wonderful opportunity to many sectors that look up to territory for investments. Thanks to its highly developed infrastructures and entrepreneurial quality, the Yukon is a great place for the investor aspirants.
  6. Enticing annual increase–The Yukon economy is increasing from the last 10 years and its GDP is growing by 1.3%. This makes the territory one of the best places to invest.
  7. Relaxation in taxes–With a growing economy and relaxed tax rates, Yukon entices investors across the globe. The investors need not pay any territory tax and as such no governmental debts are levied on them.
  8. Lowest income tax rate–With higher income tax rates, the major countries loose interests of investors, but the Yukon offers the lowest personal income tax rates, and hence it is the for first choice for many global investors.
  9. Strongest labor force–One of the worth mentioning qualities that the territory possesses is its skilled manpower. Around 60% of the residents are under 45 years of age, thus providing the global investors with young and hardworking labor force. These workers are trained and capable of working in cold climate conditions, thus making the Yukon a must-pick amongst the global investors.
  10. Territorial incentives–Apart from a rebate given on taxes, there are many incentives that are provided by the territorial government to the global investors. There is a relaxation in the loans and interest rates that are provided to the investors.

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