Indian Food thriving amidst Recession and Stricter Immigration!

Indian cuisine is going places making a place for itself amongst foreign cuisine. Indian food being spicy and nutritious is gaining popularity in many foreign countries. This constant increase in its popularity cannot be stopped by problems like recession and strict laws of immigration.

UK has tightened its immigration laws for foreigners but it has least affected the Indian food industry in Britain. Admirers of Indian food are growing with time resulting in the expansion of Indian food restaurants and growth of the annual turn over. Ready made Indian meals are occupying most of the shelves in the London supermarkets.

Though now days, lesser number of people are going to Indian restaurants but the industry survey reveals that those entrepreneurs who have converted their restaurants to fast food take away businesses are scaling new heights of success.

Many well-established and recognized restaurants have invested a lot of money on its expansion.  Despite this, it has become difficult to hire talented and experienced cooks from Asian countries .Imposing cap on the immigration of foreigners have definitely created a serious problem for Indian restaurateurs but they are managing somehow. Presently the cap is temporary but with permanent cap, it will become more difficult for entrepreneurs to hire Indian chefs. One can imagine that if Indian food industry is growing with strict immigration, then how much more it will grow with relaxed immigration laws. The new policy is definitely stopping the Indian food industry to grow to a maximum extent.

Bradford has invested about five hundred thousand pounds which has given rise to many jobs in Indian restaurants. In fact, encouraged by Bradford, many other places like Leicester, Birmingham, London and Manchester have also invested a lot for the growth of Indian restaurants.

Seeing the demand of Indian food, many small joint restaurateurs have converted their small take away food joint into full-fledged restaurants. Some have even expanded their sitting capacity of their restaurants. Many Indian restaurants are thriving by supplying cheap ready made Indian food as it is quite popular with people because spicy and delicious Indian food can be afforded at reasonable rates.

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