Pakistani Golfers Denied Indian Visa!

Three professional golfers from Pakistan were denied Indian visa to enter the country as they were due to attend two back to back tournaments in Pune. But the denial of their visas by the Indian High Commissioner has shattered their dreams! One of them has asked the Indian High Commissioner to have a heart!

Imdad Hussain. The concerned person was denied the visa. He along with other professionals, Matloob Ahmed, Mohammad Akram, Shahid Javed and Mohammad Siddique, were about to take part on then tournament. Javed and Akram had some other duties to fulfill, so they did not fill the visa applications, but the left three were denied visas. The golfer has confirmed that the price money of the tournaments was Rs4 million each.

He further complained that despite repeated contacts with the Indian High Commission which is located in Islamabad, the response from there side was nil, which resulted in their missing the tournaments.

He says that the three golfers are qualifies players and deserve all the rights to hold participation in the tournaments. But amidst all this, they are not able to digest the attitude of the Indian officials towards them.

In addition, he confirmed that he paid Indian Rs. 42,000 as the amount required to fill the entry fee for the two tournaments. Now the golfer is holding worries as his passport are kept with the Indian High Commission.

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