Indian Government Relaxes Tourist Visa Norms: Two-month gap is no more mandatory!

Following responses from foreign countries, including the US and UK on the proposed guidelines for tourist visas that were introduced last month, the Indian foreign ministry has finally decided to ease off the guidelines. Basically, these tourist visa guidelines made it a ‘must’ for foreigners with long-term multiple-entry visa to take a two-month gap between two visits to India.

The Indian foreign ministry had tightened the visa norms following the David Coleman Headley case, which required foreigners to take a minimum break of two months between two visits to the country on tourist visa. But recently, the ministry announced relaxation in the guideline in order to assist genuine tourists in entering the country, however, retaining measures still in place to ensure the security aspects. Now, foreign tourists would be allowed to enter India up to three times with no specific gap, but they need to support their tourism-related trip with necessary documentation, such as ticket bookings and an itinerary. But, they will need to give reasons in order to make a trip to India beyond three times.

As per the new rules, the visitors need to seek special permission from the head of the Indian mission in their respective country, while providing essential documents in order to justify their return visit to India. Another condition attached to it is that- the tourists would require to register within fourteen days with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office, given they wish to return to India within two months of leaving the country.

India had made many countries protest against the tightened visa norms in the recent past, as a result of which the former decided to review the guidelines and eventually made them flexible!

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