Summary of the Tier 1 visa to UK changes announced on 18th March, 2010!

Significant changes were announced to the “Point System” and selection criteria and here is the summary of changes.


Check the changes in the Tier 1 Visa to UK in bigger size by clicking here.

Brief Analysis

  1. The new policy would come into effect on 06/04/2010. Please note that visa Application centers in South India are closed for 5 days in the first week of April, So applicants interested in filing under current selection criteria only have time until the end of this month to lodge the applications prior to new rules coming into effect.
  2. The initial leave to remain has been reduced from 3 to 2 years. This has been in effect since the last two months. This also effectively means that a successful applicant has 2 years to succeed in UK.
  3. Points System Changes:
    • Highest Qualification required changed from Masters Degree to Bachelors degree.
    • Previous earnings (Equivalent):
      • Earnings have to be more than 25000£.
      • A variable change in the earnings threshold with the brackets increased considerably.
    • Age: Significant changes with points being awarded even for people in the age bracket of 35-40 and also as many as 20 points being awarded for those 29 and below.
    • UK Experience: Additional clause that the earnings have to be more than 25000£.
    • No changes in points awarded for UK qualification, English Language or Maintenance funds requirement.

Another significant point is one regarding the review of the Uplift ratios/ Salary Multipliers which has not been announced yet but will be done later this year. Currently applicants from India enjoy an uplift ratio of 5.3. This may change in future and we could be seeing a lesser uplift ratio once the new laws regarding this are announced. Lesser Uplift ratios clubbed with a Salary requirement which has already been increased will see a lot fewer people qualifying in India.

So if you qualifying under the current regulations, then apply immediately. If likely to meet new requirements, then again start getting papers together so that you can file the application on or after April 6th ‘2010.

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