Consultations held to Better Respond to Current Needs

A consultation determining the current labor market that is completely new was launched by Jason Kenny, the Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. This has been brought about with the economy booming again. Seeking opportunities that can best respond to the current skills and how immigration could help here is the main purpose here.

The Canadian Government is seeking the advice of its local public on how to cater to the complete bounce of the economy post recession. The consultations would include shortages in the work force for various trades and occupations across the nation. The relative factors that influence an immigrant to achieve success in Canada would also be discussed.

These consultations would form the basis for setting new instructions that would be implemented by the immigration authorities. Based on these instructions, the eligibility criteria for application processing would be chalked out.

With the Action Plan already been executed, the initial instructions have already been implemented in November 2008 so that the backlog does not extend. With this, it would further help complement the skills with the relevant jobs.

This Action Plan is meant to accelerate the Immigration process which could cater to the current economic situation of the country. Any form of change in the economic conditions would mean a change in the instructions as well.

Prior to this Action Plan being implemented, there was a backlog of over six hundred thousand applicants who had applied under the federal skilled worker category. Post execution of the plan, the backlog has come down by almost forty percent. Now, a decision for an application is usually given out within a year when compared to six years in the previous system.

The above mentioned consultations would be done with the regional as well as the national stakeholders, territories and provinces. The general public would also be included till 16th April 2010.

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