State Sponsorship Permanent and Provisional Visas – Your Alternatives to the Skilled Independent Visa!

Speculations are that the changes to the Skilled Occupation List in the second half of this year would make immigration to Australia bit difficult for skilled workers who are intending to immigrate under the Skilled Independent Visa program. This is the category of visa that allows those skilled workers to immigrate to Australia who do not have a family member of Australian state/territory to sponsor them.

No worries, those who cannot get an Australian Skilled Independent Visa, they may still immigrate under the State Sponsorship Permanent Visa (176 Subclass) or the State Sponsorship Provisional (475) Visa. Thus, it makes sense for skilled workers to apply for the State Sponsorship Visa, of course, only if they meet the requirements, rather than waiting for the time when the new Skilled Occupation List comes out only to discover that they are not qualify for the Skilled Independent visa. The best thing about the State Sponsorship Permanent Visa Program is that even relatives can sponsor eligible skilled workers. Following are the requirements that to be met by the applicants in order to obtain a State Sponsorship Permanent Visa:

  • An applicant must be below 45 year old.
  • The applicant must have experience on an occupation, which is included on the Skilled Occupation List and the individual State Skills in Demand List.
  • A participating state/territory or a relative must sponsor him/her.
  • The applicant must earn 100 points, however lower than the points required for the Skilled Independent Visa.
  • Good English language skills are a must.
  • Another condition applied to this is- the applicant must live in the state that has sponsored him/her for two years. After the completion of the period, he/she would be able to move to any other place in Australia.

Besides State Sponsorship Permanent Visa, one can consider the Provisional Visa as well, in case his/her occupation is not on the State Skills in Demand List. The requirements include:

  • The applicant must not be over 45 year of age.
  • He/she must have an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List and the State Regional Skilled Occupations List. However, unlike the permanent one, a relative cannot sponsor anyone for this visa. The sponsorship must be from a regional area.
  • The applicant should have experience in that occupation.
  • He/she must obtain 100 points, besides having good command over English language.
  • He/she must live in the regional area for at least two years. After completing this period living and twelve months of working in that region, they would be able to apply for permanent residence.

The new Skilled Occupation List that to be introduced in June, 2010 will not favor everyone who intends to immigrate to Australia. So, the State Sponsorship Permanent and Provisional Visas would come across as relief to many! To help you through the process of immigration, hire the services of an Immigration and Visa consultant!

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