Amendments in UK Tier 1 and Tier 2 Visa!

6 April onwards, UK Government will implement certain amendments in the Marriage Visa along with Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the Point Based System. The changes have been recommended by the MAC and are applicable for asylum applicants, armed forces and English for non-English speakers. The amendments also include implementing new points table which would further make it simpler for the highly skilled applicants who don’t have a Masters Degree.

According to Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, the changes are being implemented for the benefit of the UK. The amendments would help UK in crafting a strong and flourishing system, a system which is the cause of envy for the entire globe. Here are some o0f the changes mentioned:

  • Changes linked with English language qualifications for those applying for a PR status. The amendments would make sure that applicants would enroll themselves in accredited institutions and also make clear the progression which the applicants are required to prove.
  • Amendments would baffle asylum applicants from demanding humanitarian protection if found that they are linked with undesirable behavior.
  • Analyzing interview process for “solo asylum seeking children.”
  • Abolishing compulsions for asylum applicants to sign the interview record.
  • Minimizing the Marriage Visa Age to 18 for members of armed forces and their spouses.
  • Adding Monaco to the “Youth Mobility Scheme.”

The amendments would come into effect from 6th April and 7th April 2010.

More on changes on Tier 1 amendments.

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