Indian Man Charged for Killing Baby Gurshan in Australia!

An attacker, this time a man of Indian origin has been accused of brutally murdering an Indian toddler just few days back in Melbourne.

Reports say that Dhillon Gursewak, 23, cabbie, has been charged for barbarously killing a three year toddler and shares NO relations with the child! He used to reside in the same house in David Street. Also, sources confirmed the involvement of his wife in the crime too. The culprit, however, was refused bail.

The victim, Gurshan Singh Channa from Punjab was there in Australia with his parents since January, where he was callously killed by the criminal. Following the missing complaints from the parents, an aggressive research lead to his corpse which was lying dumped at the Wildwood Road.

It was said that the family was due return back to their country, but the destiny had something else in stored for them. Police has confirmed that the exact cause behind the crime is yet to come out and confirmed that the body found at the Wildwood Road showed no signs of trauma.

The circumstances are different as compared to other attacks which recently happened in the Aussie country! Therefore one should NOT take this one in the context of racial attacks. Till the time the police confirm any motive; people must not jump to any conclusion!

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