Additional Online Resource for New Immigrants in Canada

There are many phases that an immigrant must clear in order to settle down in Canada. For this purpose, a new resource has been developed to aid the new immigrants in Canada. This online tool would help them find the relevant services provided by the government. This is apart from the community services for settlement purposes. The news was announced by Jason Kenney, the Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. The link for the online tool could be found below.

This tool has been developed so that it is easier to search for both the private and government services which are highly essential. For instance, it would help in locating a new house for purpose in Canada just by clicking online. This in turn would save time and benefit in the integration of these immigrants in their communities of residence. Such integration is of utmost importance in the multicultural society of Canada.

Other additional services that are offered by this resource include those of federal, provincial and territorial services of the government. Now, all that would be required is to mail all the results to self and family member or friends who are new in Canada. Post this; the next step of settling down could be started. It would also help in keeping a track on all the search results that have come about till date. This online tool would be constantly subjected to updating with the latest. With this, it would slowly be expanded with time with fresh information which is likely to help the new comers.

It has to be realized that these services meant for settlement are an important part of the immigration program offered by the government of Canada. Most of these services such as language training, guidance with reference to employment, community services, and integration services for the new comers to settle down and so on are all funded by the CIC.

All these services are put in effect with the help of the agencies at the provincial, territorial and community level. Post 2006, the government of Canada made increased its funding for these settlement purposes by almost three times.

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