Probable Changes to the Requirements for the UK Tier 1 Visa!

As per the recommendation of the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), United Kingdom Immigration department may bring changes to the Tier 1 visa scheme in the near future. To be very precise, people with a Masters Degree, along with meeting the requirements of the particular visa category would find it easier to obtain a Tier 1!

Last year in December, the MAC put forward its recommendation to make changes to the requirements for the UK Tier 1 Visa, for instance, allowing people with a Bachelor’s Degree, not just Masters Degree or equivalent degree to immigrate under the said visa scheme. Of course, such an implementation would help many people to immigrate to the UK. If the changes recommended by the MAC are going to be amended, there would also be a provision under which prospective immigrants would gain points for previous annual earnings.

Undoubtedly, the recommended changes will prove to be a better chance for future immigrant to migrate to the UK. But, there would be some people as well who may not meet the requirements for previous annual earnings. Let’s see if the UK Immigration will put these recommendations into force or not. Let us hope for the best!

The UK Tier 1 visa scheme is designed to attract overseas talent from outside the European Union in order to let them contribute to the UK economy. This scheme is part of the Points-based system for employment-based immigration. Under this program, highly skilled professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, as well as foreign graduates of UK educational institutions are issued with visa to work in the UK!

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