Indian Researchers can now gain from New UK Visa Program

The new Global talent visa of UK has no limit for Indian researchers, thereby providing them with a brand-new immigration route to the nation. Announced by the Government of Britain this new UK Visa path has been specially crafted for researchers will pave a secure and beneficial pathway for Indian scientists, mathematicians and researchers, according to analysts.

The route that gives Indian researchers this chance is the Global Talent Visa that has no limit in terms of the number of beneficiaries and will grant researchers a flexible route of UK immigration.

This has come in place of tier 1 visa UK that has a limit of 2,000. This has been introduced just when England has left the European Union.
According to Poorvi Chothani, Solicitor, England & Wales, and founder and managing partner of Law Quest, an immigration firm located in Mumbai stated that “The proposed visa category is surely an advantageous route for highly skilled researchers and their families to live and work in the UK.

An immigration system that promotes science, math and innovation is always a positive sign, the points-based system will be popular with Indian scientists and researchers. However, we have to wait and see the exact parameters to which she also added that if the standards are too stringent, some of our junior researchers may not meet the criteria and established scientists may not be eager to move if they are already doing well in India”

If as an applicant you have decided to Migrate to UK via the Global Talent category, you will be endorsed by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) which is basically an umbrella body constituting of numerous research councils, not an office of immigration.

This is because Britain even plans to invest up to £300 million in majorly experimental and imaginative mathematical sciences research by some of the most reputed international talent over the next upcoming five years. This would be double funding for new Ph.Ds. but is even planning to grow the number of mathematics fellowships as well as research projects.

UK is a country that has encouraged highly talented workforce from other countries. To which British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said “The UK has a proud history of scientific discovery, but to lead the field and face the challenges of the future we need to continue to invest in talent and cutting-edge research, that is why, as we leave the EU, I want to send a message that the UK is open to the most talented minds in the world and stand ready to support them to turn their ideas into reality.”

From February 20, individuals can apply to this category of visa via four job roles such as senior role at a UK higher education or eligible research institute, individual fellowships to approved institutions as part of a successful grant application or via peer review. But to live, work or study in UK, it is imperative to pass UK visa points-based system.

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