Top Cities in Canada with the Maximum Migrant Influx

Many of the cities in Canada are competing for the top spot when it comes to inviting maximum number of migrants to their respective province via Canada immigration.

An aging populations and low birth rates are some of the main factors that have resulted in many of these provinces seeking productive and efficient skilled labor.

A lack of local labor is what creates a large divide, that the Canadian employers feel can be filled by the work experience and skill set of foreign-born newcomers, who with their talent and proficiency contribute immensely to the economic success and prosperity of these Canadian regions.

Such is their rising demand at the national level, that a total of more than 341,000 immigrants have been invited in 2019, that is let alone 0.9 per cent of its population. Many of these immigrants are choosing to submit their profiles via the Canada Express Entry, and for those who are have their occupation in high demand in some of these regions can apply for Canada PNPCanada top citiesSpeaking about top cities, the popular Canadian province of Toronto continues to invite the largest share of migrants among Canadian cities by a very wide margin, thereby welcoming nearly 118,000 migrant’s previous year or 35 per cent of Canada’s newcomer total. Also, the Canadian cities of Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton are the top five cities to attract the maximum number of immigrants.

Speaking about per-capita basis the Canadian city of Charlottetown and Regina is leading the way with 2.4 percent of its population being newcomers. Saskatoon was ranked fourth with almost 1.8 percent of population of newcomers, followed by Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that have welcomed immigrants in large numbers.

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In the recent years, numerous Atlantic Canada cities via the Atlantic Immigration Pilot have invited a large share of immigrants to contribute to the development of their economy. Among them are, Fredericton, Halifax, and Moncton welcoming 1.2 percent of their population as foreign born newcomers.

Another Canadian region to join this club is Ottawa-Gatineau inviting one per cent of its population as newcomers in 2019, many of whom under economic class program. Other immigrant class are international students who are making a transition to permanent residence via Express Entry and the Ontario PNP. One reason for this could be that Quebec immigration has gone down by 20 percent. Resulting in to an increase in immigrants who have chosen to settle in the neighboring region of Ottawa-Gatineau.

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