Indian students in Australia Fail to Get Tuition Fee Back!

So many Indian students studying in Australia are left in a state of limbo as they are struggling hard to get back their pre-paid tuition fee back from the Australian study institutions. The worst part is that the students were demanding the refund back after the rejection of their visas, courtesy the new amendments in the Australian immigration rules.

According to the Age, a majority of concerned students are from India. The queues are getting longer and longer day by day as a result of the refused visas, racial attacks and ultimately the recent closures of various educational institutions. Also, there are speculations that the refund fee may turn out to be millions of dollars, hence leaving the authorities in deep concerns over the issues.

However, no official statement has come out regarding the total amount which is to be paid with respect to the tuition fee. But there are reports that the data has been recorded by taking the help of an electronic device called PRISM. Also, the Australian government officials have denied to tell the exact amount related with the same.

As far as the Australian laws are concerned, it is mandatory for the Australian institutions to refund the fee within 28 days. The Department of Education has affirmed that the refund has been kept in secure positions, courtesy Education Services for Overseas Students Assurance Fund.

The occurrence has led to an undecided fate of many overseas students who are studying in Australian colleges.

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