Study Visa Regulations in Australia

According to stats, the number of applicants intending to study in Australia has reduced by a huge margin since February 2009. Reports say that the onus falls upon the new Immigration policy introduced by the Australian High Commission which led to the decrease by as long as 90%, and that’s a huge margin!

The reasons provided for the introduction of these new amendments are to ensure that the facets of fraud and undocumented workers are kept away from the Australian immigration policy, hence allowing the entry of genuine applicants. In addition, the new policy would ensure that students are geared up with ample funds to study in Australia.

A drastic fall has been seen in the number of students planning to choose Australian institutions as their next study destination. From 11,000 students going to Australia in the year 2007-2008, the semester of June 2009- December 2009 witnessed a poor performance, taking the number to a mere 1000.

The new tougher student visa regulations are one of the chief reasons for this poor statistics. Also, Australia is no more one of the prospective countries to immigrate now.

Other personalities from the education sector believe that the purpose of the new regulations was to allow the entry of genuine students, so that they have the capability to back themselves, both financially as well as academically. Also, the complications in the verification process have led to a further decrease in the prospective students, in addition to high refusal rates.

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