New Online Tool Launched by Kenney

A new interactive tool which is a part of the Canadian immigration website’s online resource has been recently launched by Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada. This online resource captures the history, civics and citizenship of Canada and is catered towards the students and the teachers.

A Fun Path to Learning is the first module of this new resource. It is based on the new study guide on citizenship which is known as Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. This guide is in the form of games and activities which would be easily followed and understood by the students. This way, it would also lead to easy learning about the history and political institutions of Canada. Other modules would also be developed in due course of time which would further enhance the knowledge about monarchy and immigration.

According to Jason Kenney, the students and teachers are encouraged to use this resource to broaden their knowledge spectra. This online resource enhances the firm understanding of the nation’s history, values, symbols, and political institutions. More so, it would make them understand of how the cultural and the ethnic communities of the nation have helped in building a national identity. Above all, a common understanding of the nation and its history would bring all its citizens together.

As per the Canadian Immigration, this newly launched tool offers challenging yet interesting and an opportunity to learn in the fun way for the students from the elementary, junior as well as the high school. This also caters to the teachers and the parents.

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