Indian Students to Australia Fell like a Pack of Cards!

IDP Education Pty Ltd (IDP), which is the largest recruiter for students in Australia, has confirmed that affirmed that the quantity of Indian students has fallen by a huge margin, and the fall is highly noticeable. Last year, 8600 Indians got Student Visas while this year, the figure is almost nil in accordance with the same. Just a small figure of 200 marked its entry when we talk about Indian student visas given to applicants. The figures are made available by the Australia’s High Commissioner Peter Verghese, who regards this scenario as an alarming condition for Australian immigration.

The fall clearly shows the affect of racial attacks and other occurrences which happened in the recent times. Others believe that rigidifying the visa regulations for Australian immigration has further made the situation worse for the prospective applicants. Overseas applicants, especially Indians are feeling reluctant to choose the “Land of Kangaroos” as their next immigration destination.

Critics believe that the amendments in the Australian immigration system were made without acquainting the industry before and hence not giving them ample time to adjust in accordance with the scenario.

He warned that amendments done to the visa regulations and priority skills were being implemented without giving the industry ample span to cope with them. As per the Australian, it has been stated that the drop is expected to fall by a huge margin in the coming year too. It would further affect the Australian economy in a major way.

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