UK Detention Centre to Double Capacity!

The main immigration detention center in the United Kingdom will be doubled in terms of its capacity, making it the biggest processing and deportation center in the entire Europe. The Harmondsworth detention centre, near Heathrow will be able to hold over six hundred and thirty detainees at one time from next month. The detention center in question was rebuilt after a major turmoil in 2006.

Britain has the largest network of immigration detention centers in Europe in more than 3,100 places. The additional capacity at Harmondsworth will add 364 more beds to the total number of capacity. According to reports, as part of the enhancement to the detention center, it will get prison-type accommodation, in small and oppressive cells. It will facilitate the center to accommodate double the detainees, making Harmondsworth the biggest removal centre in Europe.

But, according to the United Kingdom Border Agency the idea of putting extra prison-type accommodation the detention center would stake the recent improvements. However, the capacity of the expanded Harmondsworth detention center would permit the UK Border Agency to further remove even failed refugee seekers and criminals of foreign origin.

The move to double the capacity is to accumulate more and more asylum seekers. In addition, the move is inculcated to provide better facilities to the detainees who have been complaining of inappropriate facilities.

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