US President Agrees to Discuss Immigration Policy!

It has been repeated by President Barack Obama to look into immigration reform. He has denied posting any troops on the border as a stint to gain favor of the lawmakers who could then back the cause. During the news conference at the White House, President Obama said that his administration has a detailed strategy for the agenda.

According to the critics, the plan to station 1200 soldiers at the United States and Mexico border could turn out to be short. At the same time, the immigration lawyers who have always said that not much was done when it came to immigration reform mocked this deployment as a modest gesture. But more aided by the politics in the congress and not by any other needs of the security!

President Obama has confessed that the above number of troops with an additional of US$ 500 million for border security measures would not do much to aid the issue. Along with it, a proper approach is also a must which could help immigrants walk in to the nation legally.

He also said that this deployment was not done in response to the new Immigration law in Arizona. But instead it was a part of plan that was brought out last year. The President has also opposed to the Immigration law in Arizona.

Above all, no short term implementations would do well for any problem that has been here for quite a while now.

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