Indian woman with fake passport arrested!

Recently a case of illegal immigration came into light when a twenty-eight year old woman, Jigna Patel was deported back to India from the United States by the US Immigration department. Jigna was traveling to US where her husband was working with a US based company and she was staying away from her husband in India. Patel was traveling on someone else’s passport with a photo of a look alike.

Upon the arrival of Jigna at Sardar Patel International Airport, she was handed over to the police by the airport officials. Later on, they filed a complaint against her in the Sardarnagar Police Station for using a fake passport to go to the United States. Jigna Patel resides in Ghatlodia and she was arrested by the US police when she was caught red handed on the charges of illegal immigration.

Patel’s husband was an employee of a US based company in the 2005. But she was staying in India and in order to live with her husband, she decided to contact some immigration agent in Gandhinagar to help her in migrating to the US. The concerned agent involved another agent from Chennai in his scheme of providing a fake passport to Patel. Both of them, then managed to get a passport of a lady whose photo in the passport resembled Jigna. This is how Jigna traveled to United States with the support of her two agents.

Patel migrated to US in 2007 and was residing there with her husband till she was called by immigration department officials as they found some serious abnormalities in her immigration papers. She was then enquired about her passport and immigration details and she confessed her crime to the officials. Immigration department of US then decided to deport her from the country.

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