Malaysian Citizenship Lost by Woman!

A woman of Malaysian origin is now finding herself in a state of limbo as she found her citizenship cancelled on the grounds that her name is clearly visible in the voter registration list of India. Mageswari Koothan, 52, the concerned person stated that she has never registered herself as an Indian voter, nor has she even given a vote in India. Additionally, she has no freedom to get employment in India, nor can she go back to India with her clan.

According to the Star newspaper, the government has cancelled her citizenship and on the verge of it, her passport has been stamped by the home ministry of India on the grounds of overstaying, providing her a one-way exit to leave India in the year 2004.

It was in the year 2002, when she got a notice from the Malaysian National Registration Department acquainting her of the fact that her citizenship for Malaysia has been taken from her and they have known about her registration as an Indian voter.

Her story says that she resided in India when she got married to an Indian national, but since then have been traveling to Malaysia on a regular interval.

She furiously stated as a Malaysian citizen, how can someone get registration as an Indian voter? In a dilemma, she stated that she is stateless now and have not seen her clan since the year 2002.

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