Indians Arrested in Israel Seek Refugee Status!

Last month, twenty four Indians were arrested by the immigration authorities in Israel. According to a Senior Officials, the latest news is that some of them are looking for a refugee status. This status would permit them to reside in the nation for a specific period of time.

According to Yehuda Ben Ezra, Head, Immigration Oz Department, while these people were being questioned, it was revealed that most of them paid Rs. 2 Lakh to an agent in India who promised to get them a high paying job in Israel. They had come to the nation from Jordan to Bethlehem. They had come on tourist visas which were sought through an agency in Israel. However, they soon realized that they were on a visa which was valid for 7 days and had been duped. But they knew where to go to extend their stay.

These twenty four people are a part of a Christian group which consists of fifty members. They belong to Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala, India. They hired cabs to travel from Jerusalem to Lod in order to make it to the office which grants the refugee status to those who are found to be eligible. However, it is mainly granted on political aspects.

Few members already had their papers ready to apply which they submitted at the Lod office. It seems that the other members are hiding in the nation as illegal migrants. According to Sabin Hadad, the Interior Ministry spokesperson, these people did have a valid visa as tourists but did not hold any work permit.

As per the Indian Mission and its sources, the case is being watched very closely. The detainees have already been visited by the officials and would be meeting them again. 12 of the members have already been deported by the Immigration officials in Israel. It is being expected for another group to be deported soon.

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