Carrying Goods to Denmark without Paying Customs & Exercise Duties!

Every nation in the world has different and many rules and regulations when it comes to foreign nations crossing the borders. A particular rule of a country that does not allow a person to import something can be a different from another country. A country can be okay with letting someone carrying something that another country restricts from carrying into.

If things are carried in certain amount or within the limits, individuals are barred from paying customs and exercise duties. However, the rules are not alike for the nationals from European Union and non- European Union nations. Let’s focus on some rules for non-EU nationals regarding what goods and in what amount they are allowed to carry when entering Denmark:

Following are some of the goods that a non-EU country national is allowed to carry when he/she enter Denmark:

  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Electronic equipment
  • Carpets
  • Golf equipment

Above are the goods that an individual needs for his/her personal use. However, the total value of all the goods must not exceed DKK 3,250, if the person is arriving the country by plane or ship from a country which is not a European Union member. But, if an individual travels by car, bus or train from an outside EU country, the total value of the goods must not exceed DKK 2,250.

When the value of the goods carried by an individual exceeds the aforementioned amount, he/she is required to pay customs and other exercise duties. When the value of one goods exceeds DKK 3,250/DKK 2,250, an individual is entitled to pay customs and excise duties of the total value of the goods. This should be kept in mind that the same rule is application for goods that are combination of parts or operation system that are usually sold together. Thus, it is clear that one cannot get rid of paying customs and exercise duties by importing the parts separately to Denmark.

For example, if a person enters Denmark for pleasure trips, it is obvious that he/she picks up some items, say personal items. In this case, the person is allowed to carry the items with him/her when leaving Denmark without paying customs and excise duties. However, in certain circumstances, it may be required to produce receipts and invoices of the items to support the fact that the person has brought those in Denmark.

Contact a reputable Immigration and Visa Consultant in order to acquaint with more facts about the Denmark’s rules concerning customs and exercise duties!

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