Racist’ UK policies Lead to Deaths!

Report by Institute of Race Relations (IRR) has confirmed that Racist UK policies are responsible for the deaths of so many asylum seekers if the statistics from the past four years are confirmed. In addition to that a total of 77 deaths have been confirmed till now.

The Guardian has confirmed that 77 deaths have been confirmed by the IRR, and a majority of them occurred in the UK and were a result or racism flourishing from these UK policies.

IRR has further confirmed that almost 28 out of these deaths are those who are suspected to have committed suicide after their claims for seeking asylum was rejected by the authorities. In addition to that, seven of these deaths occurred after they were rejected proper health care measures “preventable medical problems.”

Other seven faced the consequence of death while they were in jail while 15 are believed to see the face of death during desperate and “highly risky” attempts while entering the nation.

Amongst those who died in the hail includes an 18 year old boy who was found hanging himself in the cell and committing suicide.

Other analysis from the report says that the quantity of deaths of asylum seekers has hiked by a huge margin as compared to last few years. The average is now one death in one month.

The report also says that a few deaths occurred on streets through racists hands.

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