Danish Custom and Exercise Rules Concerning Endangered Animals & Plants!

It is a known fact that every country has their rules regarding the importation of endangered animals and various plants species. Similarly, Denmark also restricts people from animals and plant species which are highly endangered. The country boasts rules that makes even purchasing and importing these items prohibited. Some of the endangered animals and plants that Denmark does not allow individuals to import are as follows:

  • Turtles
  • Various crocodile species
  • Tigers
  • Large cats
  • Dead animals
  • Dead plants
  • Souvenirs made from the above animals

Animals and plants which are less endangered can be however allowed to import, but special grant is required to do. Denmark also has special rules concerning the import of meat, pets, as well as medicines/drug and many more. Let us have a look at the items on which special Danish rules are imposed:

  • There are rules if someone wants carry meat, eggs, milk, dairy products and other animal food.
  • On medicaments or drug for both human and animal. Usually, individuals are allowed to carry medicines for their personal use for just a short period of time.
  • Special rules are also applied when it comes importing pets.
  • Rules are for products that boast false trademarks/ pirate-copied products as well.
  • Weapons, explosives and knives are covered by special rules.
  • Special rules on fireworks.
  • And there are pesticides.

When import of goods like narcotics are totally banned by Denmark, others goods can be carried along to the country with taking out special grant. The above are a just a few customs rules in the land of Danish. You need to know more about the country, especially in this regard if you plan to visit Denmark some day in the future. SO, it is advised you take the help of an ace Immigration and Visa Consultant to learn every bit of rules exists in the country!

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