Know Everything on Denmark Immigration!

Denmark is an immensely safe country to immigrate. Crime is low, public health services are at their peak and the ambiance is beautiful enough to mesmerize any human being in one spell! And with each passing year, the number of overseas applicants, especially Indians moving to this stunning country is enhancing with a fast pace.

It would NOT be wrong if we call it a serene and peaceful country. Even the famous personalities and business tycoons don’t need bodyguards to protect themselves as the ambiance is so cozy and safe!

Talking something about the living expenses, they are comparatively on a higher note but when there is luxury, little cost can be taken into kitty! But government has provided ample free of cost services as a part of the Denmark welfare scheme to serve its residents in ample ways.

Let us talk something about the Danish Green Card. People who do well in scoring well ample points based upon criteria like age, educational qualification as well as work experience, they would be given a three year residence permit as a part of the Danish Green Card Scheme so allow them to reside and search for employment in Denmark. Here is something for you to know about the Eligibility to get Danish Green Card.


You can earn ample appoints if you are aged 40 years old or below (contact [email protected] to know more)

Age Points
35-40 years 10
34 years or younger 15


  • It is essential to have a Bachelors Degree
  • You can earn bonus points if your education is relevant to occupations on the Positive List
  • You can also avail bonus points and better your chances of getting a Danish Green Card if you have a Masters Degree / PhD
Education level Points
Bachelors degree 30
Bachelors degree + 1 year Masters Degree 50
Masters degree 60
PhD 80

Work Experience: It is essential to have a minimum of 12 months of work experience.

Work Experience Points
3-5 years as a researcher or in a field on the Positive List 15
1-2 years as a researcher or in a field on the Positive List 10
3-5 years in other work 5

Language Skills

The applicant must be adept in any of the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian

The applicants can earn a maximum of 30 points for language skills for the above mentioned languages. You can earn ample points for both one Scandinavian language (Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian) and either English or German, at the same time, the applicant cannot get points for both English and German or two or more Scandinavian languages.


The applicant is required to demonstrate that he or she can support self and dependents (if any) for the first year of them residing in the nation. The applicant can demonstrate the financial requirements wither by self or by the person sponsoring the applicant. Here is the current maintenance requirement

  • DKK 5,079 for applicants who are below the age of 25 (not residing with their parents)
  • DKK 6,124 for single persons who are aged over 24
  • DKK 5,079 per applicant for married/cohabiting persons above the age of 24
  • DKK 1,532 per child if the applicant is a single person
  • DKK 1,270 per child if the applicant is married/cohabiting person

List in Demand

Let us talk something about the applicants who are in high demand in Denmark. These are various occupations for which qualified workers are lacking in the country. If the applicant has the required skill and have experience in any of the occupations present on the list, then he or she can obtain a work and residence permit in very little time under the Positive List scheme. It is broken into following segments:

  • Academic Work
  • Educational, Social and Religious Occupations
  • Construction
  • Freight Forwarding, Postal Services, Storage and Engine Operation
  • Education and tuition
  • Sales, Purchases and Marketing
  • Health, Healthcare and Personal Care
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Kitchen, Canteen
  • IT and Telecommunication
  • Management

How to apply?

Applicants who are intending to apply for a residence and work permit under the Green Card scheme should file the GR1 application form. Consult to know what documents you need to attach with the form, along with filing it in an apt manner to avoid any hassles in future.

Denmark is one of those European Union’s members who is always ahead in employing skilled workers from all over the globe. There are plenty of job opportunities for you to explore and make a healthy future in the country.

Mail your resumes or queries at [email protected] to go for a professional assessment and know your eligibility to qualify for the beautiful country – Denmark.

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