French Pension Strike: Panic Everywhere!

The latest in the French Strike is that more than five lac people are on strike in France, as they are making their protests against the legislation which is proposing to hike the retirement age from 60 to 62.

In addition to this strike, France is already facing havocs by the already commenced strike by the oil refinery workers who are controvert to the pension reforms and are further adding on to the fuel shortages all over the nation.

Here is what President Nicolas Sarkozy has to say on this issue. His has angrily warned the people who are protesting against this facet, saying that the protestors would face punishment. He said he would not allow these people to have the last word.

For those who are protesting has no right to hamper those people who have nothing to do with this. Here he is taking into consideration all those days which caused huge trouble for the motorists and common people who found it hard to look for fuel during the blockage of the fuel depots. The tension is still faced by common masses in France.

The improvement can be witnessed in these days with some of the depots supplying fuel all over the country, but there is no denial to this fact that shortage is still there. The authorities have confirmed that supply hassles are faced by fifty percent of the total thirteen thousand gas stations all over the nation.

Mr. Sarkozy went on to say that the demands of the protestors are not acceptable at all. There are other ways to express one’s opinion but violence is surely not one of them as it is the most cowardly sign which is simply not acceptable.

The fact is that people in countries like France are spoiled by Government facilities and benefits. Simply, put they are lazy. They work JUST 35 hours a week, enjoy best of Government medical and educational facilities. Whenever they are asked to work harder, they and their trade unions object and protest. The government change in pension age will only mean that they will work 2 years more. The Government is introducing this change for twin benefit that it will bring to the country. More taxes to be paid by earning individuals and delay in giving old age pension benefits. So where is the decision wrong? It is time that citizens of developed countries understand that they cannot live on past laurels. Countries like India and China – as USA is realizing to its discomfort – are fast catching up and they are working very hard. Frenchmen should work harder and longer as well.

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