Woman, 74, Gets To Live in Canada Illegally!

A 74 year Indian woman who was living in Canada in an undocumented manner for a span of six long years has been given a stay as far as her deportation is concerned.

Gyan Kaur, the woman in concern, landed in Canada in the year 2001 after the death of her spouse. All her four children reside in Canada, hence she planned to move here too, a move which made her closer to her kids. Two are Canadian citizens while two are living in an undocumented manner after they were refused for their claims to get refugee status.

If court documents are scrutinized, the woman claimed refugee status in February of the year 2002. She demanded for the same on the grounds that she anticipated persecution, being a part of Sikh nationality.

The wait went on for three years and it was in the month of January 2004 when her application faced a denial. Since that period, Kaur has been residing in the country in an illegal manner. During this phase, she made various appeals on the basis of humanitarian and compassionate grounds, but all were refused.

Again in the month of September 2009, she filed an application to reside in the country to which she was asked to go back to her home country and apply through proper means if she wants to remain the Canada.

Overturning that decision, Justice Marie-Josee Bedard said that the officials from the immigration department did not provided ample weight to the difficulties faced by her and the problems she would encounter when she would go back to her home country. She has no one there.

Hence, she gets to live in Canada illegally.

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