Single Immigration Work and Residence Permit Favored By EU MEPs!

The European Union Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee (also termed as CLC) is in all favor of single immigration employment and residence permit, which would give freedom to the non-EU nations’ citizens to get permit to get employed and live via a “one-stop solution”.

This decision from the CLC is in line with the blue card immigration scheme which was affirmed by the EU.

Under this command, non-EU citizens who are residing and employed in any of the European nation would be granted the freedom to travel without stoppage between member states. In addition to this, they would be granted equal rights to EU nationals in various facets like the hours mentioned to work, cover pay, to name a few.

All the rights would be reserved by the European Union member state to bring out the decision whether an application for a single permit should be lodged the member state or a non-EU nation. In such cases where the application is not lodged in a non-EU nation, it would become mandatory for the employers to file an application for the worker’s permit too.

The memorandum also holds some similarities as far as the US Green Card is concerned. The main difference is that the former is a temporary visa while Green Card is a permanent visa. As far as the EU Blue Card is concerned, non-EU citizens would be allowed to reside and get employment in the European Union. In addition to this, they can take employment in other member state, if they have the ability and manage to fulfill the pre-requisite linked with the same.

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